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Stand Out From The Crowd.

Goldfish Have a Longer Attention Span Than Humans

A study by Microsoft Corp. surveyed 2,000 people and discovered that “the average human attention span has declined from 12 seconds in the year 2000 to 8 seconds now. This is much shorter than the attention span of a goldfish (at 9 seconds).” This is why it’s so important to make sure your website not only have great content but is visually appealing to your visitors. Multiple Media Marketing works hard to make sure the most up-to-date technologies and web tools are utilized to create your website and increase results.

Are You Well Equipped To Outperform Your Competition In Every Way?

Multiple Media Marketing IS YOUR SOURCE for custom website designs, robust e-commerce solutions, all the way down to a simple and effective websites you can build and update on your own. We work with you on making sure you have the best website for your budget.

Outdated and Unappealing Websites Will Turn Away New Customers

Talk with the experts at Multiple Media Marketing about creating a modern, effective marketing plan that will attract new prospects and transform them into new customers! We have many options that exceed beyond websites.

Effective Website Design & Development = Your Business Success Depends On 

Your website is an investment that can strongly influence your company’s achievements and financial returns for years to come. Choosing the best partner for your business’ web design and development is crucial the future of your business.

Want To Build A Website Yourself?

YES! Multiple Media Marketing offers Do-It-Yourself Websites starting at $5.97 per month.

Skip The Hassle And Hire A Professional… Keep reading!

We Offer Professional Websites For Everyone!

Our custom website packages automatically include a mobile responsive WordPress website, integrated contact form with captcha, links to your social media pages, Google Analytics, security plug-in(s) and on-page SEO. Multiple Media Marketing even offers payment options geared towards smaller sized business and individuals who are on a budget.


Your web domain plays a huge role in how people find you online. It’s like your home address. If your visitors don’t know your address how can they find you? Have a domain name you would like to acquire? Visit our Web Domain’s page or contact us directly.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is just as important as your domain, if not more. Choosing a company that’s available when you need help along with the quality of product(s) should be on the top of your list. Multiple Media Marketing has multiple options (pun intended) and 24/7 customer service.

Maintenance Plans

Websites today don’t allow you use the “set it and forget it” approach with the multitude of things to keep up with. Enjoy peach of mind knowing your website continues to stay healthy. Our monthly plans are customized to fit your needs. Let’s get together and discuss. 


Did you know that goldfish have longer attention spans than humans?

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