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Our Recent Work

Website Design & Development

James 2 Bros

Located in Ocala, Florida, James 2 Brothers Distillers is a family owned and operated micro distillery. Ran by Paul James and his son Taylor, they distill beautifully crafted rum, whiskey and bourbon.

Peekaboo You

Peekaboo You is an adult pleasure company with a focus on sexual health, based in the United States, and founded by a group of women who love their bodies. Peekaboo You is dedicated to enhancing the sexual experience for both men and women. The Multiple Media Marketing Team created an outstanding logo and designed a pretty wicked website.


Purely4paws is a partnered website of Multiple Media Marketing. It is an all in one pet website where users can search for breed info, shop pet accessories (coming soon) linked with an affiliate program and also offers digital marketing for entrepreneurs in the pet industry. Triple M helped brand this with a logo, graphics as well as this awesome website that will be launching very soon!

Florida Marine Services

Florida Marine services (previosuly known as loyalty wash and detail) is spreading across Florida and we are excited to be working closely with them on the overall branding with a new logo and graphics as well as this super cool website that will be launched soon!
“Multiple Media Marketing did an amazing job with the rebuild of my business website! We have had so many compliments on it since the “reveal” I would highly recommend them!”
Dr. Brooke Silberhorn
Thrive Chiropractic

Executive Real Estate Professionals

Executive real estate professionals is a new real estate company that covers Marion and Lake county, Florida. We have been working with them on a full re-branding of the business with everything from new logo design, to business cards and signs and even this slick looking single page scroll website!
“Did a great job on our website and logo design... Design for cards and signs were top notch... was a pleasure working with Multiple Media Marketing for our branding”
Michael Harris
Executive Real Estate Professionals

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