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Reputation Management

Let your business shine on with online reviews!

Customer reviews can make or break your online reputation

Unfortunately, the majority of customers that are motivated to leave reviews often end in a negative review. With the Multiple Media Marketing’s Reputation Management Software, you can get more positive customer reviews on ANY site of your choice, and privately handle any unfavorable reviews!

Easily Get More Customer Reviews

You can collect reviews anywhere: On your email footer, your thank you page, or send it with your company’s email newsletter. If they rate you positively with 4 or 5 starts, they are prompted to leave a review on any site you choose! If the customer rates you 1-3 stars and expresses negative sentiment, they are prompted to send you a message privately – giving you a chance to handle the issue.

Prevent Negative Reviews

Many bad reviews are caused by a simple misunderstanding that could be prevented. By pre-qualifying reviewers with our 5 star rating system, customers that would have left negative reviews are brought to a form where you can handle the issue privately. This gives you a chance to solve the issue before they leave a public review. After all, you are only able to resolve the issues that you are are aware.

Reviews On Sites That Matter Most

With our review platform, you can custom select which site(s) you want your positive reviews on. Choose from over 50 review sites including Google, Yelp, Facebook, and more!

Reputation Monitoring

Not only can you increase your reviews, with our software you can monitor reviews left anywhere so that you can quickly respond in case you need to!

Auto Post To Social Media

Auto-Post your positive reviews to social media to keep your stream full of positive sentiments. Just hook up your social accounts, set the schedule, and the software does it all for you!


Want to makeyour online reputation?

We offer Reputation Management Software, you can get more positive customer reviews
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