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Stimulate interest with potential customers using content (aka inbound) marketing. The Multiple Media Marketing team will help you on the content marketing strategy that is best for your business.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a special type of marketing that involves use of social media platform to share online content such as videos, blogs, and social media posts that not only promote a brand but also helps in attracting new customers for a particular brand’s products/services.
We offer affordable, more effective and non-aggressive content marketing strategy.
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Drive traffic to your website with SEO

SEO plays a huge role in your website’s performance. Without implementing SEO your website will be like a billboard in the middle of the dessert with no traffic nearby for miles. MMM offers both “On page SEO” & “Local SEO” to optimize webstite and bring in more traffic. Learn more about SEO in the video linked below and let’s get started!


Here’s what we offer

Take a detailed look at the services that we offer and how they can help you

Social Media Marketing/Management

Social media plays an essential part of brand awareness and a huge role in digital marketing campaigns today. It does not only work to extend and build your target audiencem it also aids in the growth of your over all traffic and SEO goals. Triple M has the knowledge and the tools needed to take your social media to the next level. Contact us today to discuss more!
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Email Marketing/Management

Inform potential customers while building your brand’s awareness with email marketing. Stay away from a 100% sales pitch and blend in informative information that is useful and enjoyable for them to read. Get them excited to see your email in their inbox! MMM will develop a customized email package based on your needs. We will create content that drives customers back to your website.
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Blog & Articles Writing

With our content writing service, we will create fabulous, enterprise-level content for you. No more stress of coming up with new ideas, relevant topics, SEO optimized meta data, we provide high quality posts around your subject matter that are meant to educate, inform and draw in your prospects. Our posts are SEO optimized, to make sure it ranks up highest in google search results.
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Reputation Management

Customer reviews can make or break your online reputation. With Triple M reputation management software you can get more positive customer reviews on any of your site, and privately handle any unfavourable reviews! Only a positive review will be posted on your site if some one sends negative review they’ll be prompted to send you a message privately. Contact us for more details.
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Online Strategic Managed Services

We’ve created a special package just for you that includes online strategic management, sales managemenet & monitoring, reputation management, social media management, and email marketing
ADDITIONAL OPTIONS: Digital Media, Advertisement
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